Space Rescue Terms & Conditions

This website is run and operated by Space Rescue. Your use of our website and services is strictly in agreement with these terms and conditions of use.



1.1 - Space Rescue will remove the full extent of the waste mentioned and agreed upon for removal by the customer and Space Rescue in the job description.

1.2 - Space Rescue will perform removal services at the date / time agreed upon by the customer and Space Rescue, subject to availability of the equipment and access to the work area necessary to conduct the work.

1.3 - Space Rescue will conduct all work outlined in the job description for the agreed price, as stated in the invoice and / or estimate.

1.4 - Space Rescue will dispose of all waste removed from customer’s property lawfully and in the most environmentally conscientious manner possible, recycling and reusing any items that are suitable for this purpose.

1.5 - The initial price given does not include items that were not mentioned for collection by the customer in the job description and / or items that were not made obvious in media provided by the customer for the purpose of job valuation. Any additional items taken by collectors for the initial price is done so entirely at their own discretion.

1.6 - Space Rescue will perform work in a manner that is considerate of environment, and will not perform work in a way that may be detrimental to the rights of the inhabitants or entities that occupy the areas surrounding the place of work. Space Rescue rely on accurate information regarding access, parking, restrictions and safety, and the customer takes responsibility where a penalty may occur due to misinformation given regarding these points.


2.1 - The customer will provide accurate details of the waste to be collected by phone or e-mail, detailing as fully as possible the volume and type of waste to be removed. The customer acknowledges that additional charges may be incurred for items not mentioned in the job description that the customer wishes to be removed.

2.2 - The customer will make clear any additional work to be conducted as a feature of the job in the job description. The customer agrees to be subject to additional costs where tasks that were not mentioned in the initial job description are required in order for the work to be completed.

2.3 - The customer will make clear in the job description any difficulty with regards access, and acknowledges that additional charges for elapsed time allocation due to difficult access that was not made clear in original correspondence may be incurred. Time allocation is factored into quotes; thus all eventualities that affect duration of work must be mentioned.

2.4 - The customer will clearly state all types of waste in the job description, and agrees to pay fully any penalties incurred as a result of hazardous substances not identified in the job description being discovered during disposal.

2.5 - The customer agrees to pay the handling charges for hazardous materials not mentioned but are present among the waste upon collection, if it is desired that these items should be removed. The customer has the right to dispose of any waste not mentioned in the job description independently, before the removal of the waste has been conducted; thereafter, the customer will be subject to the aforementioned charges.

2.6 - If the customer wishes to cancel the collection at any point, this must be done no less than 24 hours before the time of collection. A £20 charge will be issued at the discretion of Space Rescue for any cancellation made less than 24 hours before the scheduled time of collection. A £40 charge will be payable by the customer if the customer wishes to cancel when Space Rescue have attended the collection address, and have failed to notify Space Rescue before the journey has been made by the collection team.